SHOW CRITIQUES. If any judge of Glen of Imaal Terriers would like to send their show critique we are very happy to feature it here.

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Glen of Imaal Terrier Enthusiasts and Fanciers Club

Breed Club Open Show 24th September 2021


Thank you all so much for entering your dogs under me this was numerically a very good entry. Thank you also to my two stewards.

One concern for me with the exhibits today was the over trimming, standard requires coat maybe tidied but one was groomed like a Dandie on his head.

All were shown in a clean jacket and all had super temperaments.

Some new exhibitors today I do hope you enjoyed the experience and hope to see you again in the future.

Puppy Dog (1)

1) Garner C:  Jeonty Murphy Shading Dark impressive 10 month boy, very promising, super jacket, well; presented, excellent broad shoulders, muscled hindquarters, moved well, stop well defined, dark eye, I really liked him. B.P.

Junior Dog ( no entries )

Post Graduate Dog  (2)

1)Kirkwood C.: Jeonty Kylo Ren at Cazcade. Litter brother to Limit dog and very similar in make and shape. He had a super outline on the move with free movement, good width to head, small well placed ears, correct large teeth. Super red wheaten coat, well handled.

2) Whelband P. Jeonty Little Legend Milo, Quietly handling to show off all his boys good points. Firm in outline on the move. Well set tail. Lovely expression.

Limit Dog (3,1 abs)

1) Rogers C. Jeonty Dameron Anakin, over trimmed on his head but a super wheaten jacket, correct teeth. I loved him as soon as he entered the ring and he is hard to fault, great ring presence. Head has width and strength, defined stop, correct pigmentation, length of leg to height correct. Holding a super outline on the move which was with purpose, strong in hindquarters. Muscular shoulders, super feet covered the ground and handled very well. I will be surprised if he doesn’t become a champion. BD BIS

2) Hardy A. Amhard Quickfire,,medium size, strong body, moved a little close behind, wheaten coat could have been better presented, strong head, correct expression well placed ears , well off for bone,

Open Dog (6,1 abs)

1) Hannington J. CH Boudivella Osca, excellent coat and presented a super outline on the move  which was powerful from strong hindquarters and broad muscular forequarters, lovely eye and expression can understand why he is a champion RBD

2) Bailey S  Zippor Brendan very  good type, loved his head and good pigmentation, well handled.

3) Tobijanski W. Romainville Becks Blue for Zippor. The handler worked well with this dog and got the best from this lovely Glen.

Veteran Dog 2

1) Alstead J, CH Golden Spurs  Very appealing in head, super expression, muscled quarters, easy to see why he is a champion, oozes breed type, moved with determination. BV.

2) Samuel L. Jeonty Yippee Kiaye, Great personality, well-constructed, fit and well-muscled.


Puppy Bitch 1.

1)Samuel L.  Jeonty Spirit of Naboo 10 month’s old, lovely make and shape just needed more coat to complete picture. Super bone and broad shoulders, correct bite, large teeth. Good defined stop.

 Junior Bitch ( Abs)

Post Graduate Bitch (Lovely class, close decision)

1) Sage J, Wickholm Bohemian Rhapsody held a superb outline on the move which was powerful and with purpose, super broad shoulders, correct strong hindquarters, well placed ears, better eye colour than 2 should do well.

2) Hannington J. Boudivella Silver Spirit, another lovely exhibit, moving well and covering the ground with ease, lovely head, well placed ears, firm neck, well handled.

Limit Bitch (Abs)

Open Bitch  6 (1 abs) Another quality class Thank You.

1) Rogers C, CH Jeonty Jyn A New Hope. Discovered later dam to my Best Dog & BOB  and Puppy Dog & Puppy Bitch easy to see as  both are similar. Super wheaten coat so well presented, harsh texture. I particularly loved her head good width, the correct stop, eye shape and set well. Great ears and muscular

neck and shoulders well laid back, holding a correct outline on the move  which was with purpose from strong hindquarters, well set tail, compact feet. What a producer she is BB  RBIS

2) Sage J.  Ch Wickholm Breaking Dawn, dam to Post Graduate Winner. Typical Glen so well put together and moved accordingly, wheaten coat well presented, correct head, eye and bone. Tail well set on, handled well. RBB

3)  Kirkwood C. Jeonty Letty be Magic, super head so well balanced moved well true gait.

Veteran Bitch 

1) Hardy A: Amhard Indy Kate Very typical, fit and well-muscled In super coat. Good breed type.    


 S.L. Goodwin (Judge)

Bath 2021

Southern Counties 21

Leeds 21

SKC (May) 21

Darlington 21

Belfast 21