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Allergies (skin problems)

Sometimes your Glen may develop bald patches on its flanks. This is known as “seasonal alopecia” and it can happen through various reasons. With a Glen of Imaal it often seems to be a hormonal problem with it often starting to happen around six to eight weeks after a bitch has been in season; a sufficient length of time to have forgotten that she had been in. It appears quite ugly, the bald skin against the longer coat, but generally it does start to slowly grow back around twelve weeks after season i.e. when the bitch has started to settle down after having her puppies, even if she has only done it in her head and no mating took place. If it happens repeatedly or your Glen shows any sign of discomfort or pain you MUST book an appointment with your vet

Recently the Glen of Imaal Terrier seems to have become “known” for having allergies. One question must be asked about this:-where have these allergies come from? The Glen of Imaal always used to have few allergies and they were easily sorted whenever they appeared.

Glens used to live in kennels, be fed basic food and have basic lives. They were bred for this and thrived as this. Glens have moved indoors as beloved house pets and have started to be treated as modern ideas suggest. Could this be the cause of their allergies? In view of this do consider the following before rushing off to the vet:-


My Glen is scratching. Is it because of a very thick coat (and undercoat) and feels uncomfortable in the centrally heated house?


My Glen is chewing its feet. What has changed on your walk? Is there salt down for the winter? Has something irritated the feet? Try washing them & changing the walk.


My Glen is scratching. Look at the protein percentage on the dog food sack. Try a food under 20%


My Glen is scratching. What age is it? Some Glens seem prone to what can best be termed “hormonal acne”. Treat as a teenager!


My Glen is scratching. One thing that Glens have shown problems with is fleas; do you have a cat?


My Glen is STILL scratching. Have you changed anything recently? Soap powder? Carpet cleaner? Food? If nothing coming to mind do get a veterinary opinion and if you are concerned at all you MUST speak with a vet.


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