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The Glen of Imaal Terrier is a great gorgeous glutton. He is also an idle exasperating idiot. They will walk forever and possess muscles Mohammed Ali would be proud of...if they can be bothered to get out of bed. They will be friendly, aggravating, argumentative, lethal and very loving. They will adore you and follow the first person with food. They will obey you until there is something better to do. They will retrieve, herd, do obedience, agility and are the dimmest dogs that have ever been created. They will humour you, if they are doing nothing else. They reach “size” relatively quickly but are not considered really mature until five. They are quite biddable but can easily have a mind of their own which will not run along the same thought patterns as yours. They need very firm handling as youngsters but are often big  soppy fools as adults as long as their heritage is remembered & respected.
A Glen of Imaal Terrier is anything, and everything, you would wish from a dog and quite a few things you wish they were not. If you have decided that you are able to offer a good home to a Glen THINK ONCE MORE before rushing ahead.

  • Can you cope with a baby puppy?

  • Are you at home to give it the company it needs in its formative months?

  • What do you want from your dog but more importantly  what does he want from you?


Before you buy the first puppy from the first litter you can find think about and answer the following as it may save problems later
Do I want a dog or a bitch?
Do I want a companion or a showdog?
Do I want a puppy or will an older dog suit me better?
Do I understand the character of a Glen and realise that it is a true terrier?
Have I been sensible in my decision or fallen for their chocolate box appeal?

If you have any doubts about yourself, or do not really understand that a dog is a canine, it may be in yours, and the dogs, best interests to pick another breed which is less of a contradiction.



Yes, I do want a Glen of Imaal Terrier puppy!

It’s excellent that you have made your mind up, and looking at that gorgeous little baby on the left, how could you think otherwise? We did say they were photogenic and she is certainly a beauty but where are you going to get your puppy from? Will it be an advert on the internet? Will it be from a friend? Will it be a referral from somebody with one? Will it be via the Kennel Club or a Breed Club? How about a Rescue Centre. Which ever you decide do bear the following in mind

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