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Looking for a Glen of Imaal Terrier?

A Glen of Imaal Terrier is quite a breed, as these photographs from around the world show, but that superb cuteness needs seriously looking into. The internet is always a good place to start but you MUST meet a Glen and preferably more than one.

If possible meet them at shows, at home and out on walks, in fact meet them as many places as possible so you start to see the dog rather than the great teddy bear impersonator.

...but what about....
Breed Buddies

Glen of Imaal Terriers are adored by "their people" and getting swept up in their enthusiasm can sometimes mean things that should be asked (or thought about) get forgotten. So do remember to find out about coat care, exercise, grooming, temperament,  suitability for what you want  and  health There are even things like how to feed to be decided!


Again the internet is great but actually asking the right person may sort out a few things better in your mind. We are all used to making the computer first port of call these days, and the links above are very useful, but it is still GOOD TO TALK which is why BREED BUDDIES exist.

BREED BUDDIES are there to answer any questions about a Glen. The names below are individual Glen of Imaal Terrier people who have volunteered to share their knowledge of the breed. They are only human though and won’t know everything but they should be able to help or know somebody who can. Of course being breed folk they can talk about Health Tests for Glens but they aren’t vets. If you have any medical concerns your vet is the person to talk to.

Scotland:            Karen Forbes  07805408042

North East:          Ann Quinn    01609 760356

Humberside/S Yorks: Anne Hardy

East Midlands:    Liz Gay   01777 818894

Central England: Sue Boswell 07950537503

Lincolnshire(Central): Jean Rogers  01205 820791

Bedfordshire:      Julia Hannington  01582 665697

North Wales:       Wendy Tobijanski  01691 770930

Cheshire:           Jane Alstead

Lincolnshire(East): Jane Withers

Oxford/Warks:     Alistair Dunning  07801 752035

Hereford:             Kathy George  01432 880819

Worcester:          Alison Seall 01886 886328

London/East Sussex: Lynne Fraser 07974 293121 

Essex/Kent:        Joanne Sage

Devon/Cornwall:  Katie Grassby 0771 781 3029

If you would like to talk to somebody and are US resident Jo Lynn is happy to be first port of call as is Sue Sutton for any Irish enquiries 

If you aren't covered by any of the above regions and would like to talk to somebody possibly the secretary may be able to point you in the right direction.


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