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Cars win - dogs lose
Walking is a good aerobic workout for both of you!
Lead walks protect wildlife.
Not everyone likes a strange dog in his or her face.
Walking with your dog creates a bond between the two of you.
Leads are cheap - your dog is irreplaceable.
"Never" happens more often than you think.
Your dog may be friendly - mine is NOT.
You are responsible for every action your dog takes.




If you think a senior Glen is a doddering old dog that wants only to sleep and be left alone, you haven't met one. Glens not only typically maintain their health well into their later years, they also retain their vigour and that sparkle in the eye that, in a younger dog, could only mean trouble! While the older Glen is still likely to have devious ideas, they are less likely to instigate them.
Some benefits of owning an older Glen are...
MANNERS: You are less likely to be catapulted out of the house at walk time, or when another dog, cat or squirrel crosses your path. Guests won't be mauled in a frenzy whenever they arrive at the door.

LESS WORK: No house-training required, and most Glens know basic obedience and how to behave in the house and garden. Your furniture and garden will appreciate that. And generally, the grooming is far less work than that of a younger dog, as the hair grows slower and the coat is not as dense as it once was.
EASY TO PLEASE: Ten-mile walks are a thing of the past. Though exercise is still required, sedate walks will do just fine. And on those days when a walk isn't possible, a tummy rub will feel just as good. Older dogs are perfectly content in smaller houses with smaller gardens.

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