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How To Arrange DNA Testing for CRD3


DNA testing for crd3 involves a blood sample or cheek swab. being taken from the dog by a veterinary surgeon. Blood is taken by your veterinary surgeon from either a foreleg or the neck. You can opt to do the cheek swab sample yourself, or ask your vet to do this. Several laboratories now offer the DNA test for crd3. Results and certificates are usually available 1–3 weeks after the sample has been received by the laboratory.


LABOKLIN LABORATORY has a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks and the cost is £48 per dog.  

"For genetic testing we require a DNA sample, this can be either 0.5-1 ml of whole blood in EDTA blood tube, or buccal swabs.

Blood must be collected by a veterinary surgeon whereas buccal swabs maybe used by owners.

There is no minimum age for using blood. Buccal swabs can be used about a week after the animal is weaned from the mother, this is to avoid DNA cross contamination.

Before using swabs the animal must be separated from other animals and must not be fed for few hours, best time maybe in the morning before the animal is fed.

We supply both EDTA blood tubes and buccal swabs free of charge, you can order sample collection materials from the following link:

You will receive a testing kit with instructions on how to use buccal swabs to collect DNA sample from the mouth."


These laboratories are listed by The Kennel Club as offering the CRD3 test


Results can be found on the Kennel Club site




Eye testing under the KC/BVA Eye Scheme has to be done by a Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist .The examination involves putting some drops into each eye to dilate the pupil, and then the dog is examined in a darkened room.


Costs for eye testing can be found on the British Veterinary Association website - group sessions attract a discounted rate

Our Dogs weekly canine newspaper lists subsidised group eye testing sessions around the country. 


Unaffected or Affected results for individual dogs can be found via the Kennel Club's Health Test Results Finder


N.B. Please do also check that your Glen's result is published on the Health Test Results Finder ... and that the result is correct!


For any queries or corrections, please contact the Kennel Club's Health & Breeder Services department


Hereditary eye disease in dogs 

BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme

Glen of Imaal Terrier DNA Screening results

Health Test Results Finder

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